5 Tips for Busty Lolitas

I have a 34H cup chest currently so it makes it pretty difficult to find dresses and blouses in my size and have them flatter me. So if you are also in this boat, here’s some advice! I am a bit like Alice, I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.Continue reading “5 Tips for Busty Lolitas”

Lifestyle Lolita Ideas for College Students

1.) Thrift a teapot and tea set 2.) Make a DIY Princess canopy for your dorm room 3.) Buy extra princessy bedding, whatever that means to you 4.) Get really cute stationary and notebooks so you can feel aesthetic even while studying 5.) Have a daily tea time break for yourself even if you aren’tContinue reading “Lifestyle Lolita Ideas for College Students”

Happy Winter International Lolita Day 2019!

So yesterday was international lolita day! Unfortunately due to finals and money things I stayed home and studied. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t dress up! I even had a little tea party with myself studying and tried out livestreaming on youtube for the first time. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on my blogContinue reading “Happy Winter International Lolita Day 2019!”

25 Gothic Lolita Gift Ideas

This was inspired by Princess Peachie’s video on Sweet Lolita Gift Ideas, I may not have gotten to the impressive number she did, but I wanted to acknowledge the inspiration 1.) Black lace trim 2.) Porcelain Doll 3.) Owl Pellet Kit 4.) Gothic Color/Themed Tea Set 5.) Grimm Fairy Tales 6.) Gothic Literature 7.) GirlyContinue reading “25 Gothic Lolita Gift Ideas”

10 Winter Meetup Ideas

The snow has fallen and although it is still only november I’m still very much feeling the winter spirit! Here’s some Winter Meetup Ideas! They’ll be a range of prices and accessibility in this list. Also, quite a few of these things my comm has done! 1.) Go Ice Skating! it’s a classic winter activityContinue reading “10 Winter Meetup Ideas”

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