Gaps in My Wardrobe I Need to Fill

I have been in Lolita for a few years now, but I am still learning a lot and my wardrobe has grown rather slowly from the restrictions of being a student both in high school and college. I also have a tendency to impulse buy random things that catch my eye. I’m attracted to theContinue reading “Gaps in My Wardrobe I Need to Fill”

Lolita Room Makeover

In being sent home from college suddenly, I found myself thrust into my childhood bedroom and pretty much everything about it felt wrong. So I took it upon myself to do something I have wanted to do for a long time. I completely “lolified” my room, although I love wearing sweet and gothic classic aestheticsContinue reading “Lolita Room Makeover”

How Lolita Fashion Makes Me a Better Big Sister

I have 5 younger siblings, I come from a split family so one of them is 19 and we share a mother, but the other 4 are all under 11 years old. I feel as if Lolita Fashion makes me more able to connect with them and I think that’s special. I wonder if anyoneContinue reading “How Lolita Fashion Makes Me a Better Big Sister”

What is a Lolita?

There’s an exceedingly simply answer to this question. It’s an individual who wears lolita fashion, but to those of us who hold our frills deep inside our hearts and consider ourselves to be lifestyle lolitas this question may be a lot more complex and hold different answers for each of us. I know it doesContinue reading “What is a Lolita?”

April Style Advice

I used to really love Parfaitdoll’s posts and I absolutely got the the idea from her style tips, I loved how they were often more than just tips on fashion but a more deep way often to celebrate the season. ~ On a warm sunny day open the windows and let some fresh air blowContinue reading “April Style Advice”

100 Questions for Lolitas

I got this idea from reading Ravensnow’s post who got the idea from Nefferinthia got the questions from  Naomi’s How to Become an Angel GeoCities site now that all credit has been given to each question let’s get into it!   1 Please tell us your name, birthday, and where you’re from. I’m from theContinue reading “100 Questions for Lolitas”

Lifestyle Lolita Tip: How to Polish Silver

Silver is a very elegant accessory and if you like lolita fashion there is a high chance that you like other fine things that exist in life. I personally has received a lot of silver as gifts in my life long before I was a lolita. Looking back it’s not at all a surprise thatContinue reading “Lifestyle Lolita Tip: How to Polish Silver”

5 Tips for Busty Lolitas

I have a 34H cup chest currently so it makes it pretty difficult to find dresses and blouses in my size and have them flatter me. So if you are also in this boat, here’s some advice! I am a bit like Alice, I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.Continue reading “5 Tips for Busty Lolitas”

Lifestyle Lolita Ideas for College Students

1.) Thrift a teapot and tea set 2.) Make a DIY Princess canopy for your dorm room 3.) Buy extra princessy bedding, whatever that means to you 4.) Get really cute stationary and notebooks so you can feel aesthetic even while studying 5.) Have a daily tea time break for yourself even if you aren’tContinue reading “Lifestyle Lolita Ideas for College Students”

Happy Winter International Lolita Day 2019!

So yesterday was international lolita day! Unfortunately due to finals and money things I stayed home and studied. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t dress up! I even had a little tea party with myself studying and tried out livestreaming on youtube for the first time. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on my blogContinue reading “Happy Winter International Lolita Day 2019!”

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