The Special Attachment to Lolita Fashion Items

I am for the first time ever as a Lolita selling some of my clothes. I am going to be moving out of my family’s home soon and as I went through all of my things I realized that it was time to let go of not just my normal things but to also go through my lolita fashion. It was more emotional than I was expecting, almost every item that didn’t make the cut has a story connected to it. Lolita Fashion has been a core part of my life for the past 5 years and although I am still learning a lot about it everything in my wardrobe on some level has a deep meaning to me.

For many individuals outside of the fashion it could be hard to understand why one would be so attached to their clothing. Although many people have sentimental items of clothing I believe that Lolita Fashion engenders a special kind of attachment to the clothing that people purchase. For many Lolitas buying the clothes is more than just buying a dress. It can feel like achieving a sense of identity and community and finally feeling like yourself. It’s a special something about these clothes that has made people fall in love. In a way selling my lolita fashion items feels like a breakup. An acknowledgement that it’s time to move on from things, and that’s hard. Clothing that has never fit is finally leaving my closet, to make space for my life to be more organized and my wardrobe more optimized, but the memories baked into all of the seams of the clothing I’ll be selling will be hard to say goodbye to.

I love clothes so I go through my clothing fairly often I would say and although I do have sentimental value with a lot of my clothes nothing really compared to the feeling of going through my wardrobe finally. I said goodbye to my first Angelic Pretty item, it never fit but I was so happy to receive it, I said goodbye to a dress I got in a lot from a very kind member of my comm, I said goodbye to my first attempt at a casual coord. However as I went through this, my more rational senses came to me and I knew that saying goodbye to the items themselves doesn’t mean saying goodbye to all of the early memories of lolita fashion. Those are a part of me now, and I had a blast doing all of those things and even if one day I decide to leave the fashion all together (which I doubt will ever happen) I have every wonderful experience that being in this community has given me

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