10 Unique Things I Learned to do because of Lolita Fashion

This fashion has inspired me to do so much with my life that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

1.) Blog

If it weren’t for lolita fashion this blog wouldn’t exist!

2.) Sew

This one is a combo effort of both my interest in cosplay and lolita fashion, however the very first major sewing project I did was a questionable lolita dress

3.) Make Jewelry

I made some cute strawberry charms just last week!

4.) Care for my clothing

I’ve always been a bit of a chaos being but getting into a fashion that I loved has helped me value and care for things more than I did younger.

5.) Organize

I have discovered that I desire to have my space match the aesthetic more and being messy isn’t very lolita-like in my mind. It’s also just way more pleasant.

6.) Needle Tatting

I just learned how to do this yesterday and it is really fun, it’s still pretty rough though

7.) Embroidery

I have yet to apply this to any clothing making but I hope to in the future

8.) Baking

This is just an adorable hobby and I have been having a blast adding beginner foraging to it

9.) Makeup

I straight up looked like a clown in makeup before I started this fashion bless you all for teaching me

10.) Basic Hairstyling

I can now cut my hair confidently and do a whole range of hairstyles.

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