Gaps in My Wardrobe I Need to Fill

I have been in Lolita for a few years now, but I am still learning a lot and my wardrobe has grown rather slowly from the restrictions of being a student both in high school and college. I also have a tendency to impulse buy random things that catch my eye. I’m attracted to the idea of minimalism but I love the aesthetics of elegance and opulence and I am often torn. I watched a really helpful video by the Stitchess about making a wardrobe table and it has been monumentally helpful in guiding some of my purchases. I did impulse buy a couple things recently but I am quite proud to say that it all fits in my table!

OPQi Fanplusfriend/Haenuli Phantom2 FanplusfriendCheval de Bois
JSKSecret HospitalBodyline Cat Piano/Swan dressBodyline
BlouseStrawberry Witch(Just Bought)BodylineBodyline
ShoesOffbrand + Angelic Pretty WedgesWitch HeelsCovergirl Heels
TightsPlain Offbrand
BowsAngelic Pretty
SkirtAP GelatoLove Nadia (Just Bought)F+F UnderskirtF+F Doctor Who
It’s not fancy but it’s helped!

As you can see, I really need some socks. So I now know that looking at this chart that if I want to be able to coord more with my current pieces, I should focus on some socks and shoes and that I’m doing well on filling in my blouses! I’m trying the keep it 1-2 items per category.

I find that this system gives some focus to what was feeling like an increasingly cluttered wardrobe as I love all 3 of the main substyles of lolita fashion. In the future I also want to make a separate accessories table but I need to organize and since all jewelry could technically go with lolita fashion it’s going to be a longer process. Ialso don’t know if it makes more sense to organize by theme or color

On my immediate wardrobe workhorse wishlist in order of priority

  • Socks!!!! I need so many more socks
  • Shoes
  • More petticoats
  • Accessories that match more coord themes
  • Things that I can work into more work wardrobe

By using this in the future I hope that I can maximize the usefulness of my wardrobe in the future and keep improving my coords! I’m also trying to use up my scrap pile to make some items to fill out this table. I want to practice my sewing skills and minimize spending and trips out. I look forward to sharing those

I have really enjoyed using this system to organize my purchases and my wardrobe and I highly recommend it!


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