How Lolita Fashion Makes Me a Better Big Sister

I have 5 younger siblings, I come from a split family so one of them is 19 and we share a mother, but the other 4 are all under 11 years old. I feel as if Lolita Fashion makes me more able to connect with them and I think that’s special. I wonder if anyone else in the community has much younger siblings and feel better able to connect. I still love to sing and read fairytales so whenever someone wants their sister to read them the entirety of Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen over the course of a few nights I’m the one there. Today we had a Princess Day as I have been loosely trying the lolita lifestyle challenge.

Cute sandwich I made for Princess Day. My sisters had Dolphins with a heart

It was so much fun! We played cards, sang songs and dressed up. My 5 year old little sister has been excited about this day since it had been planned about a month ago. Last night she excitedly exclaimed to my parents that today would be Princess Day and picked out a poofy pink dress to match mine. I am so grateful in these moments and especially in this current situation to have something that brings so much light into my life that I can also share with my siblings. My 10 year old sister was curious about the fashions itself and I got to show her what Decora and Fairy Kei are. She absolutely loved looking at both and it brought me joy that I could share something with her. Comfier clothes are more her scene and she thought Decora looked especially neat.

This aesthetic encourages me to bring a lot more adventure into my life and since I still live at home for the time being it means I get to bring more adventure into their lives as well. I appreciate having siblings that are so much younger than me. It gives me excuses to play faeries and superheroes and this brings me so much joy. We live in a rather rural area which means we can go outside and have no contact with other people which I am also extremely grateful for. We had a tea party by the brook a mile away from my house with orange cookies I made. It was absolutely delightful

In what ways has being in the Lolita Fashion community unexpectedly made your life better?

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