100 Questions for Lolitas

I got this idea from reading Ravensnow’s post who got the idea from Nefferinthia got the questions from  Naomi’s How to Become an Angel GeoCities site now that all credit has been given to each question let’s get into it!


1 Please tell us your name, birthday, and where you’re from.

I’m from the mountains, my birthday is February 19th and on the internet I go by Liliana Rowena

2 What is your height, weight, clothes size and shoe size?

My height is 5’4″, I weight 177.1 but am working on getting to a healthy BMI so I can start pointe. I wear anywhere between a 12-16 depending on the brand but all men’s mediums fit me. My shoe size is 7

3 Why did you start wearing Lolita Fashion?

I was looking for a prom dress my junior year of high school and happened upon a simple black a line OP from Mary Magdalene and instantly fell in love. My heart fell at the sizing and the price but over time I found FanPlusFriend and bought the Doctor Who skirt as I loved the show at the time. I saw it and immediately thought that that was something that could be all my own. I come from a split family and my parents were very young so they pushed a lot of their ideals and trauma on me. One family made fun of anything remotely feminine and the other pushed some rather age inappropriate sense of style, but Lolita Fashion was something all of my own. It still is today

4 What’s your favourite genre (style) of Lolita?

That’s so hard! I’m kind of currently in a mini identity crisis so it’s all pretty fluid but I have a weak spot for old school and bittersweet. Classic is quickly growing on me

5 Express in your own words, the ideal of your above answer.

Basically anything that makes my heart jump for joy honestly if I see it and gasp that’s what I look for in a garment

6 Do you have any piercings, and if so how many?

I have only my ears pierced but am honestly considering a belly button piercing in the future.

7 What is your favourite brand?

That’s also really hard! My taste in music is really fluid but if I had to pick a music group I’m really into currently I’d have to say Iris the J-pop group, but if I’m in a different mood I am also a big fan of Panic! at the Disco

8 What is your favourite piece of clothing?

My favorite is still the very first skirt I bought! Fanplusfriend’s Timelord Cyber Gothic Skirt

9 How many Lolita friends do you have?

I have around 10! I’ve been blessed with a lovely small and very accepting comm although we’ve had a boom in new members recently! Just this morning we had a virtual tea party

10 What is the best thing about being a Lolita?

I get to live out all the princessy dreams I missed as a kid and it always gives me this ideal to strive for

11 On the contrary, what is the worst?

It’s really expensive! I wish I could just magic myself the perfect wardrobe

12 What magazine(s) do you read?

Cosmopolitan is one of my guilty pleasures honestly

13 Headdresses vs Bonnets vs Ribbons (Headbands)?

I just ordered on of the lacy rectangle headdresses in pink and it is one of my new favorite things! But big headbows are also wonderful. I have never really tried a bonnet and I can only imagine the flood of Bo peep comments.

14 Do you wear bloomers?

Only occasionally, I want to wear them more but the only pair I have no digs in so much it hurts to wear. I need to make some that fit

15 Do you tie your headress in the front or the back?

I tie it in the back depending on the hairstyle in the front but I largely prefer the back

16 Do you have a favourite music genre or band?

I love pure pop music! Upbeat and fast although I do really like dark lyrics accompanying it too, so anything I can dance to

17 What is your phone ringtone?

I have the Tardis sound as my text alert but it’s usually on silent

18 Do you go to lives/concerts in Lolita?

I don’t really go to concerts so no

19 For those that go to lives/concerts, do you headbang?


20 What colours do you like?

So many! My favorite is definitely a light pink! I really like purple, light blue, red, black and white but the color family of beiges is growing on me and is the inspiration of redoing my room

21 What are your hobbies?

I have so many I think I may be trying to collect them all. I draw, sew, dance, sing, photograph, write and have instagram and youtube. I also enjoy cooking and baking

22 What is your favourite perfume?

I don’t usually buy perfumes but I really want Bath and Bodyworks Strawberry poundcake lotion because it smells amazing!

23 Being a Lolita, is there anything you are careful of?

No not really. Although I aspire to be the image of a collected maiden I’m really naturally a chaotic person

24 Where do you usually hang out?

Anywhere my friends are! I don’t get to go very often but I much enjoy solo trips to local cafes as well

25 How many times do you wear lolita a week?

When my depression isn’t acting up about 2-3 times a week at least sometimes every day!

26 Please tell us an embarrassing story you are guilty of from your early days of wearing lolita.

I killed 3 petticoats in a row and took forever in order for me to figure out that my dryer was killing them. I am still learning how to properly care for clothing

27 What is your hairstyle and hair colour now?

I have shoulder length straight brown hair with pink ends

28 How long is your lolita history?

I was 16 at my very first purchase so including all of it about 6 years! Wow! I never realized that it feels a lot like I’m still learning

29 Do you have a dedicated place for storing lolita?

Nope, I was living at college and currently still live with my parents for the time being so it’s just part of my regular wardrobe

30 Up to now have you ever thought about quitting lolita?


31 What is your motto?

I aspire to be a princess in my heart

32 What is your future dream?

I want a cute apartment with my fiance and to be able to afford all we need

33 Is there any celebrity you think “This person definitely suits Lolita!”?

Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu

34 Please tell us about an item that is full of memories.

I have a dress from FanPlusFriend my fiance bought for me all on his own he had to ask what my size was but it’s very precious to me

35 What is the very first item you got?

Time Lord Cyber Gothic Skirt from Fanplusfriend

36 When having your photo taken, do you have a pose you always do?

I’m a peace sign with a tendu to the back or side kind of gal ^^’

37 What is your bible? (Book, Magazine, CD etc)

Hm, I’m not sure I understand this question

38 What is the height of the tallest shoes you wear?

4 inch heels, I had 6 inch stilettos for senior prom and they were cute as hell but too painful at the time. I’d be willing to try them again.

39 Have you ever worn a tiara?

Yes!!!! I love them and want to have one again

40 Occasionally do you want to try Ouji?

Yes! I kind of want to explore that more tomboy side again it’s been awhile since I’ve indulged that side of myself

41 What kind of lace do you like?

Any lace with a cute motif in it make so happy!

42 Do you have dolls? If you do please tell us about her!

Yes! I have two porcelain dolls I don’t remember where they came from but I love them

43 What’s inside your Lolita bag?

My wallet and keys

44 What’s your favourite flower?

It’s cliche but roses

45 What is your favourite accessory right now?


46 What is your favourite or recommended cosmetics?

I love anything Too Faced

47 Big and beautiful eyes are the proof of a doll! So, do you wear false eyelashes? Also if you have any tips for application please tell us.

I love them but I want to wear them more often. I’m terrible at applying them

48 Please tell us your eye make up fixation.

Eye enlarging makeup of any kind and vintage cut creases

49 Is your lipstick red? Blue? Black? Pink?

Berry nudes are the most flattering on me

50 What colour do you use often for your manicures?

Glitter nails!

51 Have you ever stealthily changed into your clothes in a train (or public) toilet?

Yes! I work a part time job when things are normal and I love going to meetups so I’ve gone to a few right after work

52 Have you ever done a twinning coord? A triplet coord? What are your thoughts?

No but I desperately want to! I don’t really have a robust wardrobe and a kind of unique taste in dresses I think so finding someone to twin with is kind of hard.

53 What do you do to keep your figure? Any recommendations?

Working on that! I’d say I’m currently doing a lot of ballet and calorie counting but don’t go nuts and don’t hurt your mental health.

54 Wearing lolita alone. Are you okay with it?

Absolutely! When I’m not at college I’m the only lolita in town

55 How much do you spend a month on clothes and accessories?

I think I average about 50$ a month when I’m being reasonable. I fear I emotional spend on lolita a lot so it can get a bit out of hand

56 Was there a considerable time difference between when you found out about Lolita and when you started wearing it?

No, as soon as I saw it I started researching brands I could wear

57 What is the most expensive thing you’ve bought up to now?

One of my dream dresses! Secret Hospital for the Dolls in purple it was 200$

58 Lolita is really expensive. How to get money for it?

I honestly need to start doing this but I think the idea of a sinking fund is really helpful. Now I also do online surveys to add to it but it’s not much.

59 Just between the two of us, generally how much have you spent on Lolita altogether up until now?

I don’t want to think about it ^^’

60 What shop do you want close to you?

A brick and mortar Fanplusfriend store!

61 Just between the two of us, are there are any shops you think are a total ripoff?

Not really

62 Do you use online shops? If you have what are the good and bad points about it? If you haven’t, please tell us why.

Mainly lacemarket, but I have had great experiences using Fanplusfriend

63 Is there a secret person/shop that you have ordered a dress solely for you from?


64 I definitely won’t get it! But I really really want it! Do you have a certain something from a certain brand that you want?

I really love Cat’s Tea Party but it’s a crazy expensive even secondhand

65 What do you do with pieces you get bored of?

Try new styling combinations!

66 What is the last thing you bought (even outside of Lolita)?

Some deodorant! XD

67 Is there something you’ll probably never have it again, but you can’t forget about?


68 What do you think of people that wear lolita only to lives/concerts?

It’s their clothes!

69 What do you think of people that don’t wear makeup with lolita fashion?

I think makeup can really complete a look but casually no makeup can work

70 There’s a Lolita wearing the same coord as you! What do you think?

New friend!

71 From what age until what age do you think is forgivable to wear Lolita?

Until I die

72 In what situation do you think you would have to stop wearing Lolita?

If all my clothes burned in a fire but I’d still replace them

73 Do you have any “Stop doing this!” warnings?

Stop throwing your clothes around! Take proper care of them, I’ve definitely paid for some carelessness.

74 Do you have any thoughts about what a Lolita should be like?

Whoever they want to be! I think everyone should be good people no matter what but I think a lolita isn’t a specific stereotype

75 Excluding Q.73, is there anything you don’t want a Lolita to do?

I think shaming other people anonymously isn’t cute

76 What do you think of boys wearing Lolita?

More power to them! The more the merrier

77 Since wearing Lolita has anything about changed from before?

I’ve gotten a lot more organized and conscientious in all aspects of my life

78 What do the people around you say about you wearing Lolita?

They don’t understand but they like that it makes me happy

79 In the midsummer heat what kind of Lolita do you wear?

Honestly the same as I usually do but I bought a crinoline cage recently and think I’ll do that

80 Do you wear Lolita to school/your workplace?

Not to my food service job but definitely to school

81 What are your regular style of clothes?

I am an anime character

82 Are you opposed to second hand clothing?

I love thrifting!

83 Do you have a partner? And do they understand Lolita?

I do! My fiance actually wants to try ouji!

84 Please tell us the image of your ideal guy

The one I have! Absolutely adorable, passionate, a good listener, and my best friend

85 Is there a Lolita that has left a big impression on you?

Victoria Suzanne! She was my major inspiration to begin with

86 Have you ever made your own clothes? If so what kind?

Yes! I’ve made a skirt and a dress

87 Have you ever made your own accessories? If so what?

I’ve made one matching headbow

88 Is there an item you’ve made that you think “It’s a great success!”?

Not a lolita item

89 If you have an ideal coord, please talk about it.

I really want an ethereal goddess like coord with my Haenuli OP or a Swan Lake themed one with one of my dream dresses

90 Is there someone you admire? What kind of person are they?

Yes! A girl in my comm is the most organized together person I know, her wardrobe has a coherent color palette and she has her finances all in order

91 For one day you can go on a date with that special person. They will also be wearing their favourite clothes. So who is it, what are you wearing and where is the date?

It’s with my fiance, he’s in something with pusheen on it, I’m in my Haenuli Phantom of the Opera OP and we’re at American Flatbread

92 If you could open a shop in the future, what kind would it be?

I eventually want to sell art prints or have a size inclusive lolita shop, I think the art prints are in closer reach

93 Unconsciously, this catches your eye! Which motif is it?


94 Would you also want your child(ren) to wear Lolita?

YES! That would be so cute!

95 How much do you spend on each piece of clothing?

Anywhere between 10$ to hundreds

96 This is a Lolita! If you think there’s a gesture like that please tell us.

Heart hands and peace signs!

97 Even if it’s only one time I wanna wear it! Is there something you want to wear other than Lolita?

Cyber goth! Just to give it a try

98 Looking at your Lolita, if you could use one word to represent it, what would it be?


99 What is your image of an ideal Lolita?

A kind, competent princess in charge of her own life and destiny

100 大変お疲れ様でした! Please share your thoughts on taking this questionnaire.

This was incredibly fun and I got to know myself a lot better while taking this!

Thank you guys so much for this idea I had such a blast doing it!

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