Lifestyle Lolita Tip: How to Polish Silver

Silver is a very elegant accessory and if you like lolita fashion there is a high chance that you like other fine things that exist in life. I personally has received a lot of silver as gifts in my life long before I was a lolita. Looking back it’s not at all a surprise that I am doing my best to be a lifestyle lolita now. I’m currently updating my childhood room as I am stuck at my house instead of college due to current events and since I’ll be here for at least another six months before I move out. I’m working on lolifying my room. But first my room needs to be clean and organized. I took some time to polish 3 silver gifts I received in the past. Here’s the before photos of the gift box I received from my late Nana

This is about mid way through the process

So I used a recipe for diy silver polish from good housekeeping that’s 1/2 baking powder and 1/2 water to create a paste then I used a toothbrush I sacrificed to cleaning to take care of the silver. As a warning this takes a lot of patience if you don’t regularly polish your silver.

Here’s the finished result!

I’m really proud of my silver and it brightens my day when I see it!

One thought on “Lifestyle Lolita Tip: How to Polish Silver

  1. Looks great! Also, a pro-tip to silver polishing. The more you handle it, the less often it’ll need to be polished. The abrasion and oils from your hands will keep it from tarnishing. My necklace, rings, and water pitcher handle are the things that don’t tarnish for me 😅

    I wanna try that boiling water trick on my bigger serving bowls!


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