Lolita Fashion and Sustainability

One of my new years resolutions is to buy clothing more sustainably where I can, I’m aiming for better not perfect. It got me thinking about how I interact with Lolita fashion and where I think that Lolita engenders itself to being sustainable and where it doesn’t. The first point for lolita being more sustainable is that it is not at all a fast fashion, and individuals typically treasure the items they collect. Unfortunately also due to this Lolita Fashion is inherently a little materialistic and finding out where japanese companies produced their items can be next to impossible to figure out. With all of this in mind I’ve made an actionable plan to help increase my ability to be more sustainable while enjoying the fashion I love

1.) Mend and Alter my Clothes

This is also great for saving money! As you aren’t going to be buying a new blouse every time it has a small stain. The egl livejournal memories although they aren’t very active anymore are still a great resource for lolita specific repairs. Learning how to treat specific stains, sew and tailor will be great life skills in general, help keep things from becoming throwaway items and save you money! It’s really a win- win. Learning how to alter your clothes can also allow you to make them more fashionable! I have a large bust, so my blouses usually create the dreaded boob loaf.

Here’s my most recent Project
The replacement lace
Back Panels I added to make it fit

2.) Buying from Independent Designers!

For me personally buying from independent designers helps alleviate a lot of the worry I have even buying from big brand houses. In most causes the person or small group you’re buying from are the people who made it! I’m looking forward to some planned purchases I have on Etsy from independent designers I’ll be reviewing on here. However, I have heard word that Glitter Tale and Lady Sloth are amazing independent brands. In fact Lady Sloth actually was the creator of one of my dream dresses! Spooky Macarons! Another benefit to buying from independent designers is that many of them nowadays have plus size or custom size options

3.) Buy Secondhand

I already do this quite frequently but buying secondhand is a surefire way to make sure that your money is going into the pocket of another lolita and you know that it’s getting it’s full use. I personally use Lacemarket due to it’s ease and policies however if you’re braver than me you could give ordering from Closet Child a go.

4.) Appreciate the Pieces I Already Own

I finally organized my closet last week and I realized. I own far more pieces than I give myself credit for. It can be really easy to be swept up in all of the new releases but take a moment to shop your own closet, try new ways of coording things before springing for new releases. Also almost everything pops back up on the secondhand market and by then you’ll know if you truly want it or not. This is one of the best ways to be more sustainable is to consume less. Of course with Lolita this is a challenge since there are many layers and pieces involved.I think focusing on your workhorse pieces, like blouses, socks, and shoes, can truly make your closet more versatile.

One thought on “Lolita Fashion and Sustainability

  1. Awesome alteration! Also we need to modernize some of those care guides. I fear LiveJournal may go the way of Xanga and sooner than we think 😖

    A fellow lifestyle lolita into sustainability, whoo!


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