A Love Letter to Tea

Tea is a very special drink to me. For me it represents comfort and a safe place. It has for a long time and admittedly I have a pretty intense emotional connection to tea starting with chamomile tea parties with feather boas at my grandma’s house underneath a light up painting of a unicorn. (If my parents had heard of Lolita it would not at all be a surprise I dress the way I do to them) This year whenever things got hard, one of my roommates would always offer me tea. I appreciated it and it honestly has helped me develop one of my healthier coping mechanisms that I have been using. Tea, I feel, has a special place in many Lolitas hearts. It is one of the most elegant of drinks and it connects people all over the world. There are ceremonies for tea in both the east and the west, Tea can be as formal as an Afternoon Tea or full Tea Ceremony or just you and a good book. I also find that tea helps me ground myself. It’s a healthier alternative to many other options of drink. There are also endless flavors of tea, with almost anything you can imagine also being a tea flavor.

Tea has connected me not just to my lolita friends but to my roommates as well, for the years we have lived together it has been common for us to have a well stocked tea cupboard and an electric kettle, well, until we finally wore it out from all of the tea we drank! I also love the aesthetics of tea and how it’s such a gentle thing, it reminds me of kindness, caring and warmth. In short, I love tea.

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