Lifestyle Lolita Ideas for College Students

1.) Thrift a teapot and tea set

2.) Make a DIY Princess canopy for your dorm room

3.) Buy extra princessy bedding, whatever that means to you

4.) Get really cute stationary and notebooks so you can feel aesthetic even while studying

5.) Have a daily tea time break for yourself even if you aren’t able to pull of the whole thing. Just sit for 5 minutes when you get home and enjoy a nice warm cup of tea

6.) Thrift Vintage Pajamas

7.) Thrift Vintage House dresses for days you want to be comfortable but still aesthetic

8.) Experiment with hairstyles for when you have to go to your part time job, try bow clips in already work appropriate hairstyles

9.) Create a Lolita Blog, Insta, or a simple photo album for yourself

10.) Read books from your schools library on whatever interests you, the older looking the cover the better! (Also for classic lolitas out there, libraries make great photo backgrounds near the collections of old books)

11.) If you have elective requirements try to take classes you think a victorian lady or a princess would have taken, for example next semester I’m taking a drawing course, french and am getting flute lessons from a friend

12.) Have a go to comfy outfit that doesn’t make you feel frumpy, college is hard and wearing lolita every single day isn’t realistic no matter how much you love it but it’s important to be able to be comfortable every once in awhile without taking a hit to how you feel

13.) Get colorful/fun string lights for your dorm room

14.) Invest in some cute matching hangers

15.) Get a cheap outfit mirror and decorate it with fake flowers for pretty outfit shots

16.) Listen to classical/cute/spooky music when you study, (also I know its pretty stereotypical but tea out of a fancy tea cup while studying is a ten out of ten)

17.) Follow along with intro to ballet youtube videos (just please don’t try pointe at home)

18.) Practice piano in the practice rooms in the music department

19.) Sketch things daily

20.) Go to free art events in your area or even on campus, take advantage of concerts, museums, and art galleries

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