Happy Winter International Lolita Day 2019!

So yesterday was international lolita day! Unfortunately due to finals and money things I stayed home and studied. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t dress up!

I even had a little tea party with myself studying and tried out livestreaming on youtube for the first time. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on my blog yet; I have a youtube channel! I can be found at Liliana Rowena and post a lot more than just lolita fashion on that channel. But I do have Lolita Fashion videos as well and some of the content here turned into video form. Yesterday I did experience some feelings of having missed out seeing all of the lovely members of my comm chatting about logistics and seeing their posts but seeing their posts brought me some joy whenever I saw them on my study breaks.

Here’s some tea my roommate made me when I had a spell of feeling down

I also had some fun hanging with friends, later on that day. One of my close friends is graduating early so all of us as roommates have been making an effort to hang out with her more. Winding down this semester feels so weird since I’ll be in my final semester of undergrad. I plan on going to graduate school but not right away.

The best dress I own!

Here’s what my coord for yesterday looked like! Since I didn’t really leave the house I didn’t wear shoes so I felt like the protagonist of a Gothic novel, wandering about a grand drafty castle about to discover a mystery late at night. For now, that will be all I have to say since I just wanted to post a quick little update on yesterday and look forward to more posts in the future!

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