10 Signs you May be a Disaster Lolita

I feel like the ethereal majesty of lolita fashion is an inspiration to us all. The girls we see on closet of frills with all of their metals matched, coords perfectly planned, and their praises being sung. I am an avid lover of Lolita and have been for years, but I still don’t seem to have this effortless grace all of these other girls do. In fact, I’m still building much of my wardrobe, and struggle to the tow the line between fun and costume-y. I don’t believe that these things stop us from being lolitas though! Especially since I consider myself to be a lifestyler, albeit more of a princess in training. So here’s a list, a loving ode to myself and to anyone else, who could be considered chaotic floof.

1.) You have a lot of mismatching in your aesthetic not because it’s your style but because you couldn’t find the other sock

2.) Aprons at restaurant meets are a must for you because if not, food is getting on your one nice piece no matter how hard you try for it not to

3.) You buy your wardrobe like a magpie selecting a collection of shiny things of of lacemarket with the advanced price tool on typically set to 100$ or less with no regard to if it matches anything you own.

4.) You have been seen pouring concerning things into your fancy tea cups. Like that time I poured Monster into my porcelain.

5.) You have about 3 or more different aesthetics going on in your wardrobe yet none feel like you have quite enough

6.) You straight up forget that accessories are a thing you need to buy so before meets you scramble through your closet pulling anything that could remotely match your coord, so at least there’s something on your head, darn it!

7.) You’ve been collecting Lolita for 3 years or more but still are somehow missing quite a few wardrobe basics. (Oh boy I need some blouses)

8.) You have a very cute aesthetic to your room, yet it’s almost never clean enough to put pictures of it online

9.) Putting makeup on takes way longer than it needs to, because it takes 15 min to find the single eyeliner you own

10.) You get home from meets and throw your coord on the floor like everyone else, but somehow forget about it until a week later

I hope you all enjoyed my list! These are honestly things that I mostly do that I find are hilariously mismatched to the aesthetic, and I hope you can relate to one or two.

If you can relate to all, then the chaotic floof brigade unite!

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