25 Gothic Lolita Gift Ideas

This was inspired by Princess Peachie’s video on Sweet Lolita Gift Ideas, I may not have gotten to the impressive number she did, but I wanted to acknowledge the inspiration

1.) Black lace trim

2.) Porcelain Doll

3.) Owl Pellet Kit

4.) Gothic Color/Themed Tea Set

5.) Grimm Fairy Tales

6.) Gothic Literature

7.) Girly Black Accessories

8.) Herbs to grow

9.) Crystals

10.) (Ask first!) Bones/Taxidermy

11.) Black Food Coloring/Fun gothic baking molds

12.) Creepy Cute Stickers

13.) Jewelry with mortuary themes, bats, alchemical, or medical themes, your lolita can have her own preferences so pay attention

14.) Beautiful Mortuary Photography Books (Ask first)

15.) Books by Caitlin Doughty (Ask)

16.) Elegant Dark Stationary

17.) Cemetery Photography

18.) Evanescence Album

19.) Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

20.) Black lace tights, black or burgundy or gray tights

21.) Drawing Materials

22.) Black Bath Bomb

23.) Dark Makeup Brushes,

24.) Black nail polish

25.) Black Lipstick, a good one

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