10 Winter Meetup Ideas

The snow has fallen and although it is still only november I’m still very much feeling the winter spirit! Here’s some Winter Meetup Ideas! They’ll be a range of prices and accessibility in this list. Also, quite a few of these things my comm has done!

1.) Go Ice Skating!

it’s a classic winter activity and is perfect to get lovely wintery pictures, and learning something new with friends is always fun

2.) Cozy Movie Day

Have a more casual clothes meet! Have some coco and settle in with a lolita themed movie! Or a holiday wintery one!

3.) Snow Sculpture Building Contest

If the people in your comm have the snow gear, this could be a ton of fun! Make it as casual or as serious as you want. Also, be sure to have some hot cocoa and a good place to warm up

4.) Yarn Snowball Fight!

Don’t live where there is snow/you don’t have the gear. Buy a big ball of white yarn, make diy snowballs and have at! I personally love doing this with my siblings and see it possibly being a great deal of fun.

5.) Knitting/Crocheting Party

Cozy knits always remind me of winter and it’s always good to learn new skills. Get your friends together with some supplies, listen to some music and chat while people make cozy crafts! Simple scarves are a great choice for beginners.

6.) Holiday Baking Party

Make cute cookies, gingerbread houses or whatever else you would like! With the cold weather the heat of the oven won’t be so overbearing to all of those petticoats! It will also help get you in the holiday mood

7.) Cafe Hopping

Does your area have lots of lovely little cafes? Spend an afternoon giving a few a try! You could also do just one but it is really fun to go from cafe to cafe if you have the money and time

8.) Snowflake Party!

Make lots of lovely paper snowflakes and decorate a friends place or your own!

9.) Take a Photo Op trip to the Mall!

You know all of those lovely Christmas trees in the mall? They’re perfect for creating a fun photo op for taking fun holiday coord shops! Plus there’s lots of fun things to do in the mall

10.) Take a Photography Walk/Photo Scavenger Hunt

Just like with the mall, grab your winter prints and head outside and pretend you’re all models! Get as many cute shots as you can, go for group shots, try to find things that match the prints on your dress or compliment what you’re wearing

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